Blue NAP Americas is more than just a data center,
it is a place to exchange great ideas and transform them into reality.


We embrace the power of creative collaboration that sparks innovation and development of new opportunities. We believe creativity drives innovation, innovation drives entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship drives the development of sustained economic growth for a better, more connected world. With this being at the core of who we are as a business, Blue NAP Americas created Blue Co-Lab.

Blue Co-Lab is a membership platform that serves as a business accelerator program led by our solutions-oriented professionals. From equipment upgrades to connectivity optimization to collaboration events, Blue Co-Lab members can find innovation opportunities, increase productivity, reduce operating expenses and build synergetic relationships with other Blue Co-Lab members.

To become a member all you need to do is become a Blue NAP Americas customer and be interested joining us in building the collaboration ecosystem.


Our clients are passionate and dynamic entrepreneurs with a clear vision of what the interconnected world will look like in the future. They are either expanding their business globally, or about to introduce a new service innovation that will completely disrupt an industry. They trust Blue NAP Americas as their technology partner because we offer the expertise, infrastructure and support they need to transform their vision into reality.

At Blue NAP Americas we embrace the power of creative collaboration. We believe it sparks innovation and the development of new opportunities. Not only do we provide our clients with a secure, reliable, carrier-neutral facility with state of the art technology, we also cultivate an ecosystem of collaboration that helps them grow through partnerships. Blue NAP Americas is more than just a data center, it is a place to exchange ideas that create a better, more connected world.